About Us


My Journey

Lets start from the beginning.  After finishing up my undergrad degree and playing football for the University of Michigan, I went on to attend the College of Pharmacy at U of M.  4 years later I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy degree and was now ready to enter into the world and fulfill my life’s work of being a public servant.  From there I did a residency at a local hospital in Southwest Detroit.  While I was working in the hospital my passion and love for healthcare and helping people was being fostered while another one of my many passions was left idle.  I decided to take action and start to foster my passion for real estate too.  That lead me to the creation of BM Home Solutions as another avenue to help people and start to develop as a real estate investor.

I have a passion for helping people.  My goal is to not only build a business but to help people along the way.  As a wholesaler I am in a position to help persons with either stressed or distressed properties link with investors who want to buy their properties for rehab or rentals to build their portfolio.  No one ever said you can’t do two things and do them both well pharmacist/real estate investor.  It has a nice ring to it.

A wise man once told me that “Great opportunities don’t go away, they just go to someone else.”  Don’t let your opportunity land in the hands of someone else.

God Bless