To Sign or Not to Sign (Bandit Sign that is)

Last summer I put of over a hundred bandit signs without any problems or difficulties with the exception of 1 phone call that was ignored.  This spring I was anxious to get out there and start hanging my signs to get another marketing stream back on track.   At the first sign of warm weather that was here to stay, I hit the streets early.  I spent an entire morning hanging signs on telephone poles with my sign stapler and putting the signs on H-wire’s in the ground.  After 3 hours of scouring the city for prime traffic locations I was finished and felt accomplished.

2 days later I get a very angry voice-mail from the “sign police” threatening prosecution...

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Getting Comfortable with the Uncomfortable

Uncomfortable Moments

In college one of my coaches used to always tell us to “get comfortable being uncomfortable”.  He was referring to the physical discomfort and soreness that your body feels day after day in practice and game after game.  The sooner you can accept this feeling and understand it is a part of the game the better off you will be in the long run.

This concept also applies to real estate investing and definitely wholesaling.  There will be numerous occasions especially in the beginning where you will encounter this.  Your first time talking to a home owner, attempting to get a property under contract, negotiating with sellers, and definitely when talking to an upset seller.

Dive In

I always hear that experience is the best teacher and I agree with this 10...

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BM Home Solutions

We service the Metro Detroit Real Estate Market. Looking to aid those looking to sell, as well as those looking to invest in real estate properties

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Importance of Networking!!!

As with any business what you know is very important, but who you know will take you much further. The real estate investing business is no different. You can have all the knowledge in the world about all of the markets, strategies, systems, processes, and procedures. If you don’t have the proper connections that wealth of knowledge will only carry you so far. Sooner or later you will come to a point where you need someone to help you close on a property quicker or to find potential buyers. This is why networking is key.

One of the first things I did when starting out this business was to visit local real estate investor associations within the area and get my company name out and see where I could help out other investors...

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